Income and Educational Attainment

Alisa Ono, Jiani Zeng, Joshua Graves, Lila Jansen

Median Income By Educational Attainment

This sankey chart visualizes the flow of workers in the united states through levels of educational attainment towards the median salary associated with their highest level of education. By clicking on the buttons at the bottom of the chart, you can see the drastic difference in median income and educational attainment between male and female workers. Data from: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Income and Educational Attainment

The map charts below visualize the median household income (left) and the educational attainment (right) by state. Use the sliders to select the ranges of incomes and educational attainment levels to compare the distributions. Data from: American Fact Finder

Median Household Income by State

Educational Attainment by State

Before High School Some High School High School Diploma Some College Associate's Bachelor's Advanced Degrees

Annual income per household in the United States

by Educational Attainment of Householder

(in US dollar, 1996 ~ 2016)

The bar chart below demonstrates the trend of household income during the past 10 years. The chart on the top (with grey bars) shows the average annual income per household within the 10 years. The six individual charts show the trend of household income with regards to educational attainment level of the householder. Data from: Census Bureau

All Households

Less than 9th grade

9th to 12th grade
no dimploma

High School grad

Some college
no degree

Associate Degree

Bachelor's Degree
or more

Education Attainment in the United States Over Time

This graph shows the percent of the population over 25 that achieved each education level for the given year. It shows every 10 years, from 1947 to 2017. Data from: Census Bureau